A Podcast Reboots / A Guide To Paid Podcasts (For Free — Wait, What?) — Heads Up Tuesday Weekly Update 11/8/22

We’ll Paint Any Car For $199

It should be obvious this week that the model that so many want Podcasting to fit into just isn’t working. Premium Podcasts are being bundled to the point of ridiculousness, ads are being taken away, even Evo Terra is done with his current show(but certainly not Podcasting).

Paul Johnson is rebooting his Podcast, and we’re helping. Is this the kind of path more should be taking?

Finally, those kids at Libsyn had a birthday.

Amazon gives (Prime) customers more paid Podcasts for free.

Acast and Amazon — ad free Podcasts …

Evo reaches the end:

Rebooting Or Upgrading Your Podcast (A Case Study). Written by yours truly.

Happy Birthday, Libsyn:

Paul Colligan
The Podcast Partnership



Paul Colligan is the founder of The Podcast Partnership — http://PodcastPartnership.com

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