Growing, Updating, Refining: Spotify, Apple, Overcast, Edison and Buzzsprout — Heads Up Tuesday Weekly Update 11/1/22

We continue to grow …

Spotify continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Apple updated their app. Buzzsprout is dressing as Don Quixote for Halloween. Overcast is pulling back on the Web app. Edison is keeping us focused.

Nothing major, but always fascinating:

Spotify keeps getting bigger …

Changes to the Apple Podcast App. Nothing to crazy, but interesting:

Buzzsprout is trying to deal with the Podcast Spam issue. I don’t know why people won’t talk about the fact that these databases are going to exist for a a long time …

Edison’s “Share of Ear” has some fascinating numbers

No more Web player for

Paul Colligan
The Podcast Partnership



Paul Colligan is the founder of The Podcast Partnership —

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