New Stuff … Cool New Stuff — Heads Up Tuesday Weekly Update 7/12/22

So much new stuff this week …

Descript’s Webinar on their “Season 3” launch has us all very excited over here. What’s coming next?

And I’m pretty sure I’ll be waking up about at 2 in the morning sometime this week pondering what I can do with the Auphonic folder monitoring.

Squadcast and Blubrry have some new toys and they finally launched S2 of Comeback Stories with an AMAZING interview with Michael Phelps that has been on our server for far too long.

We have no idea what’s coming, but we know it’s going to be good.

In the “other secret weapon” department — check out what Auphonic just released. Still pondering the implications:

The cool kids at Squadcast have launched some killer new features.

I missed this when it was first announced, but the Blubrry Podcast Media Kits offer some much-needed transparency in our space:

I was in the room in vegas while this was recorded. Michael Phelps doesn’t do a lot of Podcasts. Congrats guys on getting Season 2 live.

Paul Colligan
The Podcast Partnership



Paul Colligan is the founder of The Podcast Partnership —

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