Podcast Better / Bigger / Worthy — Heads Up Tuesday Weekly Update 11/15/22

We need implementation more than we need another great idea, I just like this clip-art.

We keep moving. Spotify Video Podcasting is now international. Apple is tagging episodes by topic. Tom Webster suggests that we could up our Podcasting game in a way that isn’t debating the whole RSS question.

Or, in short:

The audience continues to grow

Search will get better

Video will get bigger

Make content worthy

Spotify Video Podcast publishing tools now world wide:

Apple is tagging episodes by topic:

Podnews built a tool to figure out how you’re being tagged:

18% of Americans listen to a Podcast EVERY DAY.

Tom Webster suggests there might be something, a “third thing” between the Audiobook and the Podcast.

Paul Colligan
The Podcast Partnership



Paul Colligan is the founder of The Podcast Partnership — http://PodcastPartnership.com

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