Stats & Trends in Podcasting — Let’s Be Careful — Heads Up Tuesday Weekly Update 12/13/22

This is what the AI told us “stats” looked like all Cyberpunk.

A lot of numbers and statistics were released. Fine, and dandy, and markers along the way, but …

Part of Podcasting’s Power is that it isn’t a single entity with one measuring stick for all that it has.

We have a client with a million dollar Podcast with less than 600 downloads per episode. How does that work with those stats below? No, he won’t be writing a Kindle Book about how he did it ;-).

We have another client excited about spending a nice chunk of change to get their message out — and would never even consider taking ads. Where does that work with the “normal” conversation?

These numbers are real, they’re just not the whole story.

And, Libsyn, look at your doing some cool new stuff … We remain a fan.

SXM #1?

Spotify Trends Report.

Best day to release a Podcast?

New Libsyn Interface:

Head of Education — Dave Jackson:

Paul Colligan
The Podcast Partnership



Paul Colligan is the founder of The Podcast Partnership —

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