Thankful For A Little Podcast History- Heads Up Tuesday Weekly Update 11/29/22

Thankful for Podcasting — as interpreted by an AI

As many of you know, my Podcasting journey truly started with a dinner with Don Katz from Audible in 2000. I still owe him for the insight he gave me (and the steak he paid for).

But, the democratization of online audio didn’t start until later. James from Podnews found the post that started it all. So glad it’s saved for posterity.

One day I’ll tell the story of Adam Curry and the “Debbie Gibson is the kind of girl you’d bring home to Mom” line.

Oh, yeah, and YouTube has some new stuff for us …

The post that started it all:

YouTube now has a pretty extended guide to Podcasting (you might also notice they’ve made a few updates to their Podcast page at YouTube too):

I’m not so sure that Twitter is “dead” yet, but here’s a piece on what Podcasters might want to think about…

And Dan Klass is back? Don’t call it a comeback.

Is this why we listen to Podcasts

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