The Internet Media Database? All About That Hype — Heads Up Tuesday Weekly Update 12/6/22

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We predicted a while back that changes to the IMDB could easily make an “Internet MEDIA Database.” Looks like that one came true. Check out the first story.

Spotify Wrapped … yawn.

Some stats, some thoughts, and a story about a Podcast company that isn’t all about that hype.

As reported in today’s Podnews, Podcasters can now add themselves as such in the IMDB:

Here’s the “Spotify Wrapped” for The Podcast Report, which hasn’t released a new episode since October of 21. Great example of how you can hype the numbers…

The Women’s Podcast Report (not the same report as above): Fact Sheet

Thoughts on an engaging Podcast interview:

A Forbes story on Podcasting that isn’t hype?

Paul Colligan
The Podcast Partnership



Paul Colligan is the founder of The Podcast Partnership —

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