YouTube Takes a Big Leap Forward: Here’s What You Need to Know About Podcasts on the Platform!

Paul Colligan
2 min readFeb 23, 2023
YouTube Podcasts Today. Yes, They Keep Changing That Logo …

YouTube has announced that it will bring audio podcasts to YouTube Music, allowing its users to discover and listen to podcasts alongside their favorite music.

The company hopes to create a “seamless user experience” by combining both audio and video podcasts, meaning users can switch from watching a podcast on video to listening to it on the go.

Creators will have access to podcast tools in the YouTube Studio, making it easier to set videos as podcasts. YouTube has also announced that later in the year, creators will be able to upload podcasts via RSS feeds directly to the platform.

Adding podcasts to YouTube Music will provide a new channel for podcasters to reach a larger audience, considering that YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have over 80 million subscribers as of November 2021, including customers on free trials.

It’s worth noting that Google Podcasts, their “traditional” podcatcher app, will reportedly still remain available for users who prefer to use it. Although YouTube’s move into the podcast space may seem like a direct competitor to Google Podcasts, the two platforms serve different audiences and purposes (and the existing Google Podcasts app has a tiny audience). While YouTube is seeking to make podcasts more discoverable and accessible on its platform, Google Podcasts remains a viable choice for existing users and dedicated podcast listeners who want a streamlined listening experience without the distractions of video content.

In addition to bringing podcasts to YouTube Music, the platform is also introducing audio ads. This means that podcast creators will be able to monetize their content through advertising, and advertisers will have access to a new audience of engaged listeners. It’s an exciting development for podcasting on YouTube and could help to further grow the medium.

Speaking of growth, it’s worth noting that YouTube has paid out over $50 billion to creators in the past three years alone.

What’s coming? Steve McLendon, Podcasting Product Lead at Google, revealed that YouTube is looking at ways to support RSS. “Initially, we’ll use RSS to bring shows into podcasting,” McLendon said.

Another potential development for podcasts on YouTube is the possibility of adding a dedicated podcast tab to YouTube channels. This would allow creators to showcase their podcasts alongside their videos, making it easier for viewers to find and access all of their content in one place. While this feature has not been officially announced by YouTube, it’s something that many creators and podcast enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating.

If and when this feature becomes available, it could be a game-changer for the podcasting industry on YouTube, providing creators with another way to promote their shows and reach new audiences.